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Testimonials – Weight Loss Surgery in Tampa

We have already helped hundreds of patients to dramatically change their lives through bariatric and weight loss surgery at our Tampa location.

The results of these weight loss surgeries for these patients has not only been significant weight loss and but has also helped prevent, improve or resolve many obesity-related diseases. Each of them has a story to tell, and as personal and significant their experience has been, we were able to create a weight loss strategy just for them, matching the right procedure with the appropriate need at our Tampa facility.


Watch Caroline’s Story Here
Your individual results may vary.

When Caroline took the step to have weight loss surgery at AdventHealth Carrollwood back in 2014 she was her heaviest at 285 pounds. Frustrated that she was in a place of constant pain, she met with Dr. Fernandez and determined weight loss surgery was the answer. Now two years later she has lost 147 pounds and is celebrating a vibrant life with no limits. “I have so much energy now,” said Gonzalez, “the options are endless. I only wish I hadn’t wasted the last five years of being ashamed of myself and missing out on activities with my kids!” Gonzalez now enjoys going to the beach, riding roller coaster rides and no longer dreads whether or not she’ll need to buy two airplane seats — “If you are considering weight loss surgery, don’t wait!”

* Your individual results may vary.


Watch Jeff’s Story Here
Your individual results may vary.

My health after surgery has done a 180. I’ve lost 100 pounds. I’m on no medication whatsoever. My edema is gone. My cholesterol is down and my blood pressure is the lowest it’s ever been. People everyday tell me I look 20 years younger. My family is astonished by my results. My wife couldn’t be happier. I now walk two miles a day and try to swim 500 yards a day if I can. Just being active again is a whole new life. It’s a whole new me!”

* Your individual results may vary.


Watch Cherese’s Story Here
Your individual results may vary.


I’ve lost 150 pounds since my weight loss surgery! I thought at first that I was not a good candidate – that I wasn’t heavy enough or I didn’t have any of the obesity related diseases, yet. I thought I was too young. I chose to have my surgery at AdventHealth Carrollwood because of the great things I heard about Dr. Fernandez and his team (staff, nutritionist, education and support groups). This journey has enhanced my life in so many ways.”

* Your individual results may vary.

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